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Luxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companionLuxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companionLuxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companionLuxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companionLuxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companionLuxury Monaco escorts model Samira, elite model and dinner date companion


23 y.o.
177 cm
60 kg
English, Spanish

Meetings in Monaco

Up to 2 hours:
2000 euro
Up to 3 hours:
2500 euro
Up to 6 hours:
4000 euro
5000 euro
Minimum duration 2 hours
Currency converter:

International meetings

Up to 24 hours:
7000 euro
Up to 48 hours:
10000 euro
Each additional day:
4000 euro
Travel costs are not included


Europe & US:
London & Dubai:

Anna's note:

Another exquisite Eva Longoria type girl, Samira is stunning, cute and so loving. Her friendly approach is accompanied by a light, positive attitude, and her smile is never far away. Gracious, elegant and polite, she is indeed all woman. For the gentleman who appreciates pure femininity and class, Samira is a sublime luxury Monaco escorts model & dinner date companion.
With the quintessential style and passion, Samira is vivacious and earthy, despite her perfect manners and education. Speaking Spanish, English and a little French, she is delightful company – the perfect blend of irreverence and elegant poise :-)
With her warm heart and genuine care of others, it would be difficult to find a more wonderful woman with whom to spend some time. She adores shopping, like all good girls, and while she does have certain professional ambitions. Her genuine affection and doting ways would make anyone want to be under her wing.
Samira makes no secret of the fact that she likes luxury. While she is far from greedy, she is definitely appreciative of the finer things. I suppose the difference between a gold digger and an appreciator of finery is how far they will go for their ‘drug’. A gold digger will do whatever she has to, to get as much as possible, no matter what. An appreciator of luxury will do what they need to, whether to earn their own or graciously accept gifts, but will never cross the line of betraying someone or making someone feel used. Samira is the latter. I wouldn’t call her materialistic so much as a hedonist ;-)  She is quite at home on the farm, so stepping over people is not in her make up.
This curvy, sexy little angel is a purchasing manager for a chain of fashion boutiques, and seems to get along with almost everyone. While she is patient and gracious... While she is very self controlled in public, if anything does perturb her, she will tastefully exit to the rest room and let her steam off there, to whomever will listen lol! Those who appreciate the fireworks and passion of an artistic temperament, will love our elite Monaco escorts companion Samira. Refined yet true to her blood, she is fabulous. Rest assured she will never embarrass you in public; however she may amuse you with her dry humorous comments in your ear, all the while maintaining her lovely smile. So much fun.
A regular indulgence in walking and swimming keeps this cute little firework in excellent shape. With a robust appetite and deep appreciation for food, this is not the type of girl to just order a salad ;-) Samira puts away a decent meal with great sensuality and gusto. Watching her eat and enjoy her food is an arousing experience (if you like food too!) This girl savours every succulent flavour, scent, texture and sight of food. She always dines delicately and displays perfect table manners. However for elite Monaco companion Samira, luscious abandon and deep, deep pleasure is gained from eating. Enjoy!
Contact us now to arrange some time with the unforgettable luxury model companion Samira.

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