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Welcome to a VIP escort Stockholm and top models introduction service Anna Claire. If you wanted to have an emotional and intellectual connection with someone but are uncertain who would it be, our elite Swedish courtesans can fill your time with their wit, charm and intelligence.

You can date our luxury escort Stockholm ladies for an intimate dinner or just simply spend a quiet time with you. Our courtesans are one of the finest whom you can spend quality time with as you savor the Stockholm air.
Courtesans were originally a female courtier who attends the court of powerful persons. The social and political life of the feudal setup was mixed altogether with the court as the center of the government. Before the Renaissance, courtesans used to convey confidential information to visiting politicians. In Europe, courtesans play a great role in the monarchical society. Since it was common for royal couple to marry to preserve bloodlines, couples would separately seek companionship and gratification from people who live in the court.

Modern courtesans and VIP escort Stockholm models by Anna Claire are well educated and independent woman who have ample knowledge in literature, arts, politics, etc. They are also skilled as they are trained for dancing and singing. They have inspired many artists and writers with many artworks and crafts. Beyond that, they are also capable of painting and doing some of the finest artworks.


Hence, if you wanted someone who can keep up with your emotional and intellectual aspect while visiting Sweden, you can definitely find your match in our high class escort Stockholm service. Our models go through stringent screening to make sure that you get a high quality courtesan who can meet you halfway.

We have the reputation for our high standards and personal touch, delighting the choosiest of gentlemen all over the world. Our dating agency doesn’t just book our models for any clients as we thoughtfully screen our customers to keep up with our standards. We only work with premium high class escort Stockholm models who deserve the finest gentlemen.

Our models are committed in experiencing a mutually enjoyable experience as we focus on perfect matching. We are more into quality than quantity that is why we don’t just send you “whoever” available since we consider your preference and taste. For a more pleasant and enjoyable VIP escort Stockholm experience, engage in a meaningful and worthwhile companionship with our Anna Claire models.

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