Laksaboy, Sammyboy - popular sex forums in Singapore shut down

Laksaboy forum
If you have ever been to Singapore, you might have heard about Sammyboy or Laksaboy forum. If not, let us tell you more about what they are and why you should better stay away from them. Ready to find out more? Then let’s get down to business.

Escort Services in Singapore. What Is the Role of These Forums?

Sammyboy and Laksaboy are online sex forums, which were popular in Singapore some years ago. They positioned themselves as escort service providers. However, they were more famous as online platforms involved in some sort of illegal businesses related to street prostitution and pimping. The history of Sammy boy and the Laksaboy forum goes back to the early 2000s. Some of the first users of those services have already turned 50. Many people were condemning these forums for their illegal and immoral activity. Nevertheless, such an attitude on the part of some Singaporeans had no influence on the services. This allowed them to actively operate online for more than twelve years. It’s a common thought that one of the factors stimulating the flourishment of prostitution and human rights abuse in Singapore was the activity of the sex forums like Sammyboy and Laksaboy. The year 2021 became a turning point for the fans of these sex forums. The Telegram group associated with the Sammyboy forum appeared in a huge scandal when its four male members were arrested and accused of possessing and spreading obscene materials (photographs and videos). These men shared adult content within a group, which contained 25,000 participants. What’s worse, these men have been posting obscene materials for many years. One of them fell so low to share the photographs of his own family members and close friends. The arrest became possible due to a 23-year-old woman who informed the police about the illicit activity taking place in the group. As a result of searches in the homes of the participants of the case, thousands of obscene videos and images were found. This evidence gave grounds for arresting the men involved.

Why Should You Avoid Sex Forums Like Laksaboy and Sammyboy?

The work of the Sammyboy forum and Laksaboy forum was blocked by the authorities. However, such actions didn’t stop those who got used to surfing them. Dozens of mirrors and clones appeared on the web, inviting men from around the globe to visit an online sex forum. Do you think people became more careful and started avoiding these websites after the mentioned scandal? You are so wrong. The long history and ultimate fame of these sex forums never fade. Even now, men still try to find a way to circumvent the ban and enter the long gone Sammy boy and Laksaboy. Despite all the negativity surrounding sex forums in Singapore, a lot of men (both Singaporean and those who travel to the country) try to arrange a date via these services. We strongly recommend you not to repeat their mistakes, and here is why: - the majority of websites like Laksaboy are operated by scammers. - mirrors and clones are mainly used to spread viruses; - cheap escort services offered on Sammyboy forum and similar websites typically involve exploitation of women in difficult life circumstances; - cheap escort services often involve drug dealerships; - coercion is another problem common among girls working for cheap escorts like Sammy boy; - video and audio materials published on Laksaboy and other sex forums usually appear there without the consent of women involved; - health risks related to no control over the escorts’ health, and many others. Trying to get profit, scammers use all available methods. They use women for their nasty purposes. If you don’t want to get involved in the sneaky affairs of such people, please, ignore the services calling themselves Laksaboy forum or Sammyboy forum.

What Are the Alternatives?

If you are still hoping to find an escort on the websites like Sammyboy or Laksaboy, please leave this idea. Regardless of what sex forum you enter, there’s always a risk of getting involved in some sort of illegal action or scam. The Singaporean police ban such sites, but their number is still growing, so you have to be careful and choose alternative ways of dating a woman in Singapore.

Offline Alternative

Those who want to date an escort girl in Singapore but don’t want to use the services of sex forums similar to Laksaboy and Sammy boy can find a girl offline. Where should you go then? Bars and nightclubs are among the most popular places to meet a girl. If this is not an option for you, then there’s another way out. When in Singapore, the best place to look for a woman to spend time with is Gayland. This is a Singaporean analog of the Amsterdam red-light district. Still, this is not the best choice for a respectful man.

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