How to become an escort

How to become an escort

Thinking about a career in elite escorts, you have to understand that the job of a luxury-level travel companion is as demanding and as difficult as any other work. Accompanying respectful gentlemen and high-class society representatives, you have to match their standards not to feel out of place. Don’t confuse elite escorts with prostitution. These are two completely different notions. Elite companions are authentic ladies who possess grace, sophistication, manners, and a proper level of education. Their task is not just to become a beautiful wrapper. They should be as beautiful inside as they should be outside. You might have seen many guidelines on how to become an escort, but this guide combines everything a woman needs to know to become an elite escort.

What Should You Be to Become an Escort?

The first thing you should do is learn about the standards you should meet for becoming an escort. There are many beautiful ladies, but only some of them may consider a career in escorts. Let us draw a portrait of a perfect elite escort model for you to understand whether you have a chance to succeed in this sphere or not. Let’s start with the appearance.

The Appearance of an Escort. What Should It Be?

Although appearance is not everything you need to become an escort, it plays an important role, as this is the first thing people see. Classical beauty is cherished and praised by all escort agencies. You should have proportional and pleasant facial features, beautiful clear skin, and no visible scars on your body and face. If you are the kind of person who likes to express their inner uniqueness and non-standard outlook via non-standard appearance, you won’t be able to fit into the standards of the escorts industry. Tunnels in the ears, piercing, tattoos or extraordinary hair colors are prohibited for elite escort models. Your appearance should be as natural as possible. Minimum botox, fillers, and surgical changes to your natural beauty are highly welcomed. You mustn’t look like a plastic doll. You should have your own unique zest to be attractive to men. You should also be honest with yourself, evaluating your appearance. If you have always heard that you are a real beauty (not only from your parents but other people too), you are probably attractive enough for becoming an escort.

Your Figure and Physical Fitness. Escorts Standards

To tell the truth, you won’t find any standard saying what height and weight escort ladies should be. But whatever your physical parameters are, you should look gorgeous and be physically fit. You must look equally great in an evening gown, plain jeans and a light cardigan, and a bikini. Women may have different types of figures. The task of an escort lady is to look maximum fit in her natural shape. Regular workouts, a healthy and balanced diet, enough sleep, and minimum stress are the recipes for your perfect look. You have to treat your body as a beautiful temple, which needs your care and attention. Love your body and do everything possible to make it look great. If there is something in your appearance you are not satisfied with, and plastic surgery can correct this, go for it. But be careful and don’t overdo it. Remember, you have to look proportionate and natural.

Style – the Final Touch in Your Appearance

Your style should fit into the standards of society you are trying to get into. Forget about frank outfits and trashy colors. You have to look reserved, elegant, and stylish in your outfits. None of the elements of your clothes should be a reason to judge you. Elite escorts wear neutral colors. They follow fashion trends but never do this blindly. These women choose clothes that present them as tasteful and elegant ladies. Massive platform shoes are not for them. They prefer classic shoes, sophisticated jewelry, and only light makeup, which accentuates their natural beauty.

Personality. Features to Possess to Become an Escort

How to become an escort if you have an intolerable nature? No one can give you a recipe. But every escort manager will tell you that the character and the personality of the girl mean much if she thinks of becoming an escort. A perfect candidate should be calm but not boring, emotional but not overly. You should be a fun and engaging interlocutor, open-minded and light-hearted travel partner. Men need to feel natural with you. Your genuineness may become a great instrument for becoming emotionally closer to the man you accompany. A perfect escort lady is easy-going to be able to find common grounds with any man. Your task is not only to have a lovely time with a man, finishing your date in bed. This is one of the distinctive features of an elite escort. Luxury escorts should be able to create emotional bonds with men. They have to become their friends, at least for that short period they will spend together. Another feature crucial for an escort is to be a good listener. However, you shouldn’t keep silent. You have to be able to keep the conversation going. But remember that talkativeness is not the best feature for a woman who wants to become an elite escort. Stress resistance and the ability to feel dignified even in the most unpleasant situations are among the most needed features in this sphere. They are quite common even in the luxury escorts layer, so those who want to succeed need to develop such skills. Your manners mean as much as your character. Knowing how to behave elegantly and gracefully, you should avoid being superficial and overly mannered.

Education and Outlook

Your education and outlook play a role in your chance of becoming an escort. Traditional schooling and university education will give you the basic set of knowledge skills required for you to be able to analyze things and express your point of view. All the knowledge you’ve got beyond standard education adds value to you as a person. Outlook is the thing that makes you interesting to the interlocutor. Analyze what you can call yourself proficient in. Think of the spheres you are interested in. The sphere of interest of an elite escort model cannot be limited to TV shows and new trends in manicure. You have to be a worthy interlocutor who can participate in a conversation on any topic.

Skills and Talents – Must-Have Add-ons for Luxury Escorts

There’s no person without talent, but there are people who still haven’t found theirs. This is the principle elite escorts should follow. The more interests, talents, and skills you have, the more you can give to a man you accompany. Your talents are the things that fill you from the inside. They add to your personality, character, and life experience. They are the things that make you captivating, unique, and special. Your deep knowledge in a particular sphere can open you new side, making you attractive not only physically, but also spiritually. Whether you love skating, skiing, dancing, drawing, or anything else, your talents add value to you. This creates the basis that allows you to participate in conversations on a variety of topics being able to entertain your companion and give intelligent feedback and helpful advice.

Responsibility and Reliability – the Key Features for Escorts

Keeping your word and being responsible for your actions are the two basic things required for becoming an escort. There’s no way you can waste the agency’s time or the time of a man waiting for you. An elite escort lady always turns up in time for her dates. She treats her job responsibly, following the preset agreements. If you consider yourself a responsible, punctual, and reliable woman then the doors of elite escort agencies are open to you.

Tips and Advice for Becoming an Escort

How to become an escort if you lack some skills, character features, and knowledge required to accompany respectful men? In fact, none of us is perfect; we all have drawbacks. But those who know about theirs tend to have much better perspectives than those who prefer to remain ignorant. If you are ready to improve and promote yourself to the level requires for elite escorts, these tips might come in handy. Start with your appearance:

• You might think your hairstyle is perfect, but a professional hairstylist might give you some helpful advice about what haircut will be more becoming and what hair color will do better with your natural skin tone. If there’s no problem with that, you may consult a professional regarding hair care to make it look still healthier.

• Take a course in professional makeup. Learn how to make nude, maximum natural makeup so that you look elegant and tasteful.

• Start regular visits to a cosmetologist to keep your skin smooth, shiny, and healthy, but avoid injecting botox and fillers. The beauty of a young face is always better than a face with no facial expressions and disproportionally large lips.

• Style consultant is the next specialist to visit if you want to look perfect. Explain how you want to look and ask for some tips to create a balanced and elegant wardrobe. Taking care of how you look, you shouldn’t forget about your personal growth and development.

• If you have some emotional problems coming from your past and you feel that they don’t let you move on, counseling might help you leave your fears and self-doubt in the past.

• Start learning a foreign language. Escorting your companion abroad, you’ll have an opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice.

• Take elocution lessons. Even if you think your speech is beautiful, you’ll understand that it’s still far from perfection when you start your elocution classes. Working with a professional, you’ll be greatly surprised with how your speaking skills improve.

• Learn the etiquette. Elite escorts often accompany men to social events, so perfect knowledge of etiquette is one of the basics and most important things for you to learn.

• Start developing your talents. If you still don’t know what your talent is, try different things. Get a tennis lesson, or learn to play the piano or take some singing classes. By choosing this strategy, you will definitely find something you like most. However, taking into account the lifestyle of men who use elite escorts services, you need to have at least some basic knowledge and skills in horse riding, snorkeling, diving, and other entertainments popular among wealthy gentlemen.

• Improve your proficiency in different types of art. Music, opera, ballet, architecture, paintings – your outlook should be broad. Even if you are not a fan of classical music, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have knowledge about this kind of art.

Choosing an Escort Agency or Working Independently. What to Choose?

Every woman seeking a career in escort should decide whether she wants to work as an independent escort or work via an escort agency. Both options have their benefits and shortcomings, but you have to choose the variant you like better. Speaking about individual escorts, it gives you the freedom to communicate with the clients without intermediaries. This allows you to avoid misunderstandings between you and the gentleman while providing the chance to meet in person before the actual date. On the other hand, filtering out all the freaks also lies on your shoulders. Believe it or not, such men are not rare even in the upper class. However, you may compensate for this with higher fees and better flexibility of your working schedule. Working with a good agency, you can relax and forget about advertising, dates arrangements, and other organizational staff. Your agency will take care of that. If you work via a high-end escorts agency, like Anna Claire, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to date this or that man or don’t. Your opinion will always be taken into account as there’s no way for coercion or any other forms of violence regarding the models in top-class agencies.

Final Word

It’s not enough to know how to become an escort. You should have enough motivation and will to reach your goal. But, you know, there’s nothing impossible for a woman who wants to change her life.

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