Female Travel Companions

Female travel companions

No one likes to travel alone, whether you are a wealthy and respectable businessman, movie star, or just a man who reached success. If a trip is waiting ahead, and you don’t have a great company to join, why won’t you consider paid female travel companion? Wealthy men who want to avoid lonely evenings on their vacation or business trip choose to book female travel companions. These ladies are perfect for such travels as they make great company whatever occasion or adventure you are going to get involved with. Do you plan to visit a red carpet event or do some snorkeling in the Caribbean? Anna Clair luxury paid travel companions will willingly join you!

When Female Travel Companions for Hire Are the Best Choice?

In the world of countless opportunities that we live in, taking female travel companions along for a weeklong vacation or a day trip is the best choice. Spending time with an intelligent lady, you can enjoy long meaningful talks about life, philosophy, art, music, or anything you might be interested in. Anna Claire models have a broad outlook and can keep the conversation going on a variety of topics. Along with an interesting interlocutor, you also enjoy the beauty and grace of the woman accompanying you. Our models are the embodiment of femininity. They have good manners and know the etiquette. A lot of them possess a great sense of humor that will definitely make the days you spend together full of fun and entertainment. Where can you invite travel companions for hire? Oh, the options are almost endless.

Sport Events

Anna Claire models can accompany you to a football match or the game of your favorite team in any other kind of sport. You might be surprised but many ladies truly adore sports and will gladly join you at a stadium to support your favorite team. If you are a sportsman yourself and want a lady to accompany you to the tournament you participate in, you can’t make a better choice. She will support you genuinely and devotedly to boost your spirit and encourage you to win. Even if you fail, you won’t be judged. Instead, you’ll feel a sincere interest in what you do and care surrounding you and cheering you up.

Red Carpet Events

Are you planning to visit a social event that requires you to have a female companion? Let our female travel companions become your “plus one”. Their exclusive refined beauty, natural grace, and flawless manners will attract all the sights to your couple. Our ladies know how to present themselves, and they’ll never feel awkward in the company of high-class people.

Lazy Day in a Hotel

If there’s a day off work on your business trip, you can also spend it with a paid female travel companion. You don’t want to leave your hotel room? No problem! Anna Claire high-end models know how to make this time great. They can provide you with the best girlfriend experience ever. You can watch an interesting movie lying on the couch or talk about things you like, listen to music and even dance.

Business Meeting

Business talks can be tough, especially when there’s an excess of testosterone in the room. Men who want to make a profitable deal often resort to tricks and take paid travel companions with them. A stunning woman will attract the attention of every man in the room, reducing the tension and binging some fleur of femininity to the room. This can definitely play into the hand of a man who chose to bring an escort model along.

Luxury Yacht Party

If you want to catch the admiring glances of your friends on the girl accompanying you, there’s nothing better you can do than hire a luxury female travel companion. Anna Claire models are stunning natural beauties with beautiful figures and feminine shapes. Just imagine one of these ladies wearing a bikini spending time with you on a luxury yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. Music, sun, and lots of fun. The best party ever!


It’s always great to visit new places. However, your impression of the trip may be somehow spoiled if you have no one to share your emotions with and to discuss the landscapes you see or activities you get involved in. Travel companions’ jobs are not limited to just spending time with you. These ladies will gladly listen to your emotions and impressions of the trip, genuinely sharing theirs. Having such an opportunity is priceless, which is why accompanying men on their vacation is one of the most commonly asked services.

One-Day Trips

If you have ever thought about giving up all your plans and escaping from your daily routine at least for one day, you should have also thought about finding a partner in crime. Spending this time with your friend may be fun, but spending this time with a paid female travel companion is times better. Just imagine you two taking an early morning flight to Rome and spending the whole day walking in the beautiful streets of the “Eternal City”, eating tasty Italian food and taking the most beautiful pictures near Coliseum. You’ll dine out in one of the cozy Italian restaurants and spend the most beautiful Italian night together to return to the routine in the morning. Who would refuse that?

When Arrange VIP Trip with Paid Travel Companions?

Now that you have enough ideas of how to spend time with luxury female travel companions for hire, it’s time to think about the arrangements. Taking into account the need to settle the details, you’d better start looking for a perfect travel companion at least 7 days before the planned travel or occasion. We need this time for consultation, picking out the lady that will meet your needs perfectly well, and arranging other details. By booking travel companions’ jobs well in advance, you can make sure the lady you want is available for the dates you are seeking. Proper planning simplifies the process of hiring a travel companion and eliminates the risks typical of last-minute travel arrangements. For instance, flight availability can change dramatically within one day only. The more time we have to settle the details, the less stressful and more relaxed manner.

Travel Expenses

The peculiarity of getting travel companions for hire is that you are to cover all the travel expenses for the lady. This includes but is not limited to air tickets, hotel room booking, transfer expenses, food, etc. As Anna Claire is an elite concierge service, our luxury models travel by business class only. There might be some exceptions, which should be discussed in a private talk with our manager. Our ladies are elite escorts. They are used to high living standards and require 5-star accommodations when accompanying you on your travel. The funds for covering the trip arrangements should be paid at least 3 – 5 days before the planned date of flight. As soon as we are done with this, you’ll be notified. The requirements may differ if you arrange a flight on your own jet.

Anna Claire Luxury Travel Companions. All-in Service

Striving to provide the ultimate client’s experience to every man choosing our paid female travel companion services, we can organize a turnkey trip for you. Assistance with transfers to and from the airport, hotel and restaurant reservations, and elite conveyance (limousine or any other car to your taste). We can also arrange a private jet chartering or get everything ready for the best luxury yacht party ever. Do you want to fly to the remote areas with your elite escort model? No problem, Anna Claire concierge service can arrange that too. If there’s a need, we can also take care of your personal security. Naturally, the cost of our services will depend on what you’d like to get. Having respectful and intelligent gentlemen as our clients, we expect them to conduct themselves according to their high status. We highly cherish and respect our elite escort models and would like you to treat them in the same manner. You are the person who is fully responsible for their safety, so we expect you to take good care of our VIP beauties. If there’s any misunderstanding, we ask you to stay calm and contact us to resolve the issues. Such situations are extremely rare, but we consider it our duty to inform you about such a possibility and ensure that they will be handled asap.

Travel Requirements to Complete

Anna Claire agency sets certain travel requirements that must be completed to ensure the comfort and safety of the female travel companions.

• A separate room key for the lady so that she could have free access to and the possibility to leave the hotel room whenever she needs this.

• A minimum of eight hours of sleep for the model within 24 hours.

• At least two hours to herself daily.

• The model must be informed about the attire she may require during the trip.

In case you change the pre-arranged plans, like adding a red carpet event to your travel plan or changing the destination, you will have to provide the lady with the appropriate clothes that she might not bring along. Any extra expenses related to this fall on your shoulders.

The Cost of Elite Travel Companions Jobs. Reasons to Avoid Booking High-End Escorts

Anna Claire agency caters to wealthy, intelligent, and respectful men who understand the real price of elite escort services. Our returning clients cherish the beauty, manners, intelligence, and freshness of our female travel companions for hire and are ready to pay for luxury services. For those who consider booking paid travel companions for the first time, we feel the need to explain our standards and expectations. Following the principles of honesty, discreetness, and trust, we want the gentlemen booking elite travel companions to pay us with the same coin. Expecting to receive exclusive high-end escort services, you have to be financially ready to cover the expenses you incur. Cutting corners or giving up on the obligations you’ve taken for the elite travel companion is unacceptable. We strongly recommend that you set the budget you can cover and feel comfortable with before booking a date with our gorgeous ladies. It’s crucial to ensure that you can provide the model with the quality of life she is used to. If you cannot afford to comply with the standards our elite travel companions are used to, then you should avoid booking the services of Anna Claire high-end escort agency. Women presented in our gallery are not professional courtesans. They choose to accompany respectful gentlemen on their travels to enrich their life experience and get to know engaging people. Therefore, they expect the time you spend together to be magical. It’s crucial that their expectations don’t crush on the reality you put them into.

Summing up

The pace of modern life leaves little choice to a single man who doesn’t want to travel alone. A paid travel companion is a perfect solution to your loneliness. This woman can make your trip an unforgettable experience with lots of flirting, fun, a good mood, and adventures. By choosing the company of the elite courtesans and celebrity escorts, you can leave all the troubles behind and dive into relaxation and tranquility with a beautiful, sophisticated, and clever woman by your side. Anna Claire luxury concierge service will fulfill all your desires and preferences regarding the lady to accompany you. We can also take care of the travel arrangements to make it a better experience for you. Our managers will keep in touch with you to set the details and ensure you get the level of service every respectful gentleman deserves. If you make up your mind to travel with a luxury escort lady as your travel companion, feel free to contact us.

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