Elite Courtesans. Who They Are?

Elite courtesans
Searching for elite escort services, you may come across the term courtesan. Escort girl and courtesan are often used interchangeably. But are these the same? We’ll help you figure this out and reveal the truth behind the modern understanding of elite courtesans. ​Anna Claire agency provides luxury escort services for respectable, wealthy, and refined men. If you are looking for elite companionship of a gorgeous, feminine, and intelligent woman, our website is the perfect place to find her. ​Our agency strives to provide an unbeatable level of service. A long list of our returning clients is the best testimony of the quality and exceptional client experience we deliver. We are not like others. Anna Claire is for chosen men only, for the honorable and best gentlemen, cherishing the female beauty and intelligence as much as we do.

Courtesans from Past to Present

​It was back in the 16th century when the word “courtesan” came to use. Courtesans were independent and highly educated women with diverse talents who exchanged their companionship for status and luxuries. They took paid companionship as an opportunity to communicate with high-status gentlemen, promote their social status, and engage in exciting discussions. ​Such ladies had their careers outside escorts. Paid companionship wasn’t their primary employment. This was the reason such courtesans were treated as equals. At the same time, those with no other way to earn money lost their high status and faced the disapproval of people with high moral principles. ​The division of these two categories of women on the social ladder is still present in today’s society. Elite courtesans are treated with respect. They date chosen men only, while escort girls often compromise on what they get from communication with their clients.

How Are Courtesan and Escort Different?

​When comparing the two terms, it becomes clear that they are very close in the meaning yet with different shades. While the name escort lady can be referred to any woman spending time with men for money, the courtesan is applied to the ladies whose status is higher than the average escort. They can be compared to the elite escort niche only. ​What are the main dissimilarities between elite courtesans and escorts? These women differ in their upbringing, social background, education, and a range of other things that describe not their appearance but their personality, behavior, and outlook. ​High-end courtesans are established, gracious, and refined ladies brought up in upper-class families. They feel comfortable being surrounded by people of the same circle. Their manners, knowledge of etiquette, elegance, and femininity come from their family and upbringing. They go natural on them. They don’t need to learn it because it flows in their veins. ​Excellent education and the surroundings add to a broad outlook and elite of high-end courtesans. Why do they choose such a path? It’s simple. They are open-minded and free from other people’s opinions. They are strong personalities who want to spend a limited period of their lives dating successful, respectable, and intelligent gentlemen. Elite courtesans wish to get the best such men can give: engaging discussions, exciting travels, interesting talks, and so many more only high-class persons can share.​ ​In return, they offer their beauty, smartness, gentleness, and femininity, allowing men to escape from the world of business, which is often overstuffed with testosterone.

Gorgeous Women for Chosen Men

Beauty and Style

​Elite courtesans are real natural beauties. Forget about distastefully large lips or any disproportions in the figure. High-end companions look fresh and elegant, wearing nude makeup and a neat hairstyle. They are classically beautiful, and none of the enhancements they might have gone through can be seen with a naked eye. Their natural feeling of style and excellent taste allows them to look gorgeous wherever they go. Such ladies will catch admiring glances of men wearing an evening gown at a social event, casual clothes in a café, and a super-stylish bikini on the ocean shore beach. Showing too much skin, wearing clothes that are inappropriate for the event, and other style fiascos are not about elite escorts. These ladies know the dress code and follow it strictly. ​

Character and Personal Qualities

​Becoming an elite escort is not as easy as it may seem. To join the stable of Anna Claire elite courtesans, a woman has to meet the high standards of the agency. This requires a lot of work on the girl’s side. Working out in a gym, eating healthily, taking care of her physical and emotional health, self-development, education, and tons of other things to work on. Only complete and determined personalities can cope with this. ​Our models radiate self-confidence and have a powerful inner core. At the same time, they don’t lose their tenderness, gentleness, femininity, and grace, which are so much cherished by men. ​High-class courtesans are responsible and discreet. These qualities are utterly important for any woman working in this sphere as, in most cases, men don’t want to flaunt their connections with escort girls. ​

Education and Outlook

​A woman’s education strongly influences her capability to participate in discussions. The more your companion knows and the larger her life experience is, the easier and more fruitful your communication will be. The positive experience of luxury companionship depends on communication to a large extent. Having an elite travel companion as an engaging interlocutor is one of the things attracting men most. ​The bulk of luxury courtesans has a university degree. But even those who can’t boast of such education can get to the league due to their broad outlook and rich life experience. Our ladies are easy-going and open to new connections, so they’ll do maximum to find common ground and build the connection with their male companions. ​

Exclusive Luxury Companions

​Keeping fresh and energetic with new acquaintances is impossible if you work per hour. That’s why luxury courtesans are available only for some clients. Ladies working via the Anna Clair agency are available for full dinner dates or short-term trip companionship only. Such an approach to work allows them to have enough time for themselves and enjoy every minute spent with a man. ​It’s also worth mentioning that high-end courtesans are very selective. Only worthy, intelligent, and men of power can attract them. They want to feel the attitude only a respectable gentleman can provide, promising care, interest, genuineness, and respect in return.

The Best Time with Elite Courtesans

​ Visiting social events, going to restaurants, or on a vacation alone is none of a good idea. Spending months head over heels in work, a lot of men lack time to create a family or at least get into genuine relationships. What is the best way out for them? Of course, luxury female travel companions. Elite courtesans solve the problem of loneliness fast and easily. ​These skillful ladies are masters when it comes to providing you with the best girlfriend experience. There won’t be a moment when you’ll feel alien to this woman. She knows how to establish close emotional contact within the very first minutes of your meeting together. This woman is full of love, care, and empathy she is willing to share with you. She is a perfect listener who will get engaged with your stories and provide you with the support and inspiration you may need. ​This lady feels you not only on physical but also on emotional and spiritual levels. She can become your true friend and give you the feeling as if you’ve known her for many years. With this woman, you can be yourself. She never judges, blames or reproaches. She never brings drama, jealousy, and discord into your relationships. An elite courtesan is the embodiment of a perfect girlfriend. ​Unlike regular escorts, elite courtesans give you the feeling of genuine relationships. They can follow the scenario you’ve chosen for your couple in advance of your date. Or your communication can go naturally as if you are dating a woman you’ve got acquainted with in a restaurant. It’s only up to you and your preferences.

Elite Companionship

Men book elite courtesans not only to accompany them on business trips and vacations. In fact, luxury escorts are often guests at all sorts of social events, including red carpet events. Such occasions require the woman to choose a proper attire to present themselves and their cavalier in the best light. ​Inviting an elite courtesan to accompany you to a social event, you may be sure she’ll look stunning while keeping to the dress code. Her tasteful and discreet attire will emphasize your high status. No person on the red carpet will ever understand that the girl accompanying you is not your girlfriend. Elite models are trained in social etiquette and know how to behave in all sorts of circumstances. They know how to avoid and smooth out conflicts and how to keep their face no matter what. If you have some things to settle, you can leave your female companion for a while without ever worrying about her feeling like a fish out of water. Our ladies know how to entertain themselves and will feel comfortable chatting with other guests while you take care of your businesses. They are well-versed in many spheres of life. Courtesans can join the discussions about recent world events, music, arts, theater, history, and even sports. The broad outlook and continuous work on self-development allow elite female companions to understand a variety of topics and express their opinion on the processes taking place in different spheres. Despite the young age of some elite courtesans, they are mature-minded people with the right life priorities. They understand the importance of personal growth and see escorts as a chance to discover interesting people. Every new person they meet stimulates them to improve and become better. Being surrounded by successful, intelligent, and respectable people, these ladies strive to match. This makes them stand out from those who take escort as a way to make money.

Booking Elite Courtesan

Top-level courtesans are not always available for booking as they may be engaged with some other projects. Therefore, you should contact the managers of the Anna Claire agency well in advance of the date you’d like to spend with one of our luxury women. You can find some escort models available via the agency in our gallery. However, the photos of VIP ladies and celebrity courtesans are for members only. Once you pick out the lady that makes your heart beat faster, contact us to settle the details and make the necessary arrangements. If you need our assistance, we’ll gladly help you find a perfect courtesan to accompany you. Our agency can also arrange your date with a courtesan turnkey. We can take care of booking a table in a restaurant, theater tickets, a hotel room, as well as flight tickets, and other things to organize the date of your dream. We deliver our services worldwide. Anna Claire agency treats its clients with respect, understanding, and integrity. And we hope to get the same in return. We strive for immaculate service and grow daily to provide you with the best experience.

Wrapping up

​Having an opportunity to get the best of what the escort sphere can offer, you should take it all. Elite courtesans among the Anna Claire’s Paris elite escorts are the most gorgeous, charismatic, elegant, and feminine ladies. Their breeding and social background help them feel authentic in high society. While proper education, good manners, and knowledge of etiquette turn them into classy companions for any intelligent and honorable man. ​These women are not beautiful wrappers but complete and strong personalities willing to provide you with the best girlfriend experience ever. They let you in their lives only for a short time but a ready to give you the best they can. Spending time with a courtesan, you can feel cared for, interested in, and cherished. Aren’t these the things men need?

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