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2021 - Anna Claire celebrates 16 years of providing superb modelling and companionship services.
The name of Anna Claire suggests elegance, style and bewitching beauty, and also has that hint of classical European tradition about it. Supreme quality and discretion are the watchwords at this superb home of pleasure, as you can discover when he catch up with our international booking coordinators.

Anna Claire models aren't cheap in any sense of the word. They represent the cream of international escort scene, and that's why it will cost you some to have such a woman join you. They're sensational ladies and they're reserved for those who can afford them.

It's obvious from such figures that not just any woman can become an Anna Claire escort. They have to be between 18 and 28, they have to be drop-dead gorgeous and they must have confident, outgoing personalities. And those qualifications only get them through the door. 

After acceptance at Anna Claire, the new recruits must take deportment classes, and receive tutoring in the art of seduction and high-class entertainment. They're also trained to perfect a number of specific techniques. They are taken shopping for designer clothing and lingerie. By the time they're ready to take calls, they're perfect ladies who can be taken to any social function and hold their own in any conversation. Take them to the bedroom, and they out class every woman you've been with before. 

The only thing you don't get are their hearts. For most clients that's a huge relief. What they pay for - what you can pay for - is a good time without complications. The model takes your money, you take her body and her charms, and the world is as right as rain. It's an eternal transaction that shows no sign of going out of vogue in the 21st century. And thank heavens for that! 

Of course there will always be those who rail against prostitution, be it of the street-illegal kind, or of the sort we're examining here. Preachers fulminate against women who sell their bodies and charms, and men who hire those women for their pleasure. Such a transaction, they claim, is against the laws of God, violates marriage vows, degrades the participants, and leads to health catastrophes. Such dramatic, sensational pronouncements fit the show-biz requirements of those fighting for the Soul Dollar. 

The truth of the matter, however, is that escort services are crucial to the social and sexual wellbeing of many men. Whether they're lonely, between partners, or neglected on the home front, millions of men worldwide need women to satisfy their need for company, for aesthetic beauty and for sexual intimacy. Quality callgirls do it with a smile. They are, in truth, as essential to society as psychologists, stockbrokers and gym instructors. Further, the nature of transactions at the upper-end of the market is remarkably uncomplicated, and utterly devoid of sordidness. Men phone and say what sort of woman they want. The agency lines up a girl, and confirms the fee. The girl is taken to meet the client at his five-star hotel. The driver waits downstairs till he is phoned to say things are fine. The woman entertains the man, anywhere from one hour to several days, and is then driven back by her chauffeur.

The stock clichès are defied daily. It's not like in the movies. Guys don't go ballistic, and subject the girl to personal S / M fantasies. Nor do they scream and shout and refuse to pay, at least not when faced with one of these girls. Anna says she can't remember the last time somebody cancelled or was unhappy with one of their ladies. The high-class girl, in turn, doesn't project disdain, or false bonhomie. She isn't there in the hope that she will find a rescuer. She performs her duties with natural friendliness, and leaves the experience behind her at the door, although many ladies have their favorite clients whom they look forward to seeing again. In other words, what Anna Claire facilitates is business. Like all successful businesses, it makes sure its representatives are courteous, caring and very accommodating. The only difference is that its salespeople are all stunners, and what they're selling are their superior talents and companionship. Apart from that, Anna Claire is like any other top-notch business. They listen, they provide, and they satisfy. And they charge in proportion to their outstanding expertise.

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