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Marbella elite escort Claudia, young luxury image model and dinner date companionMarbella elite escort Claudia, young luxury image model and dinner date companionMarbella elite escort Claudia, young luxury image model and dinner date companionMarbella elite escort Claudia, young luxury image model and dinner date companion


22 y.o.
170 cm
46 kg
English, Spanish

Meetings in Marbella

Up to 2 hours:
1500 euro
Up to 3 hours:
2000 euro
Up to 6 hours:
3000 euro
4000 euro
Minimum duration 2 hours
Currency converter:

International meetings

Up to 24 hours:
5000 euro
Up to 48 hours:
8000 euro
Each additional day:
2000 euro
Travel costs are not included


Europe & US:
London & Dubai:

Anna's note:

This incredibly beautiful, wide-eyed, all natural sweetheart is a dream come true. With her fit, lithe bombshell physique, gorgeous full lips and flawless features, she’s a dream. Claudia is intelligent, talented and extremely loving. Always positive and friendly, this very kind and feminine beauty is jaw dropping. Long legs and elegance only enhance her very beautiful, gentle soul.
Exceptionally comforting company, Marbella elite escort model Claudia is just what the doctor ordered. Health-conscious, accepting and luxurious, her modeling has kept her busy since a young age, and she continues her acting pursuits and entrepreneurial work.
Caring, tolerant and open minded, Claudia is absolutely unforgettable. Definitely a VIP on every level. Her fine sense of humor will captivate you endlessly, creating an effortless and genuine girlfriend experience. Enchanting, with gorgeous eyes, like a sea-green ocean reflecting the bluest skies.
Born and raised in Hungary, beautiful young Claudia was quickly discovered and began commercial modeling. Having traveled extensively with her parents, she maintained her studies and excelled at everything she attempted. Like a magnet for luck and positivity. Luxury image model and dinner date companion Claudia brings wonderful energy with her. What a precious delight. Goodness and warmth just oozes from every gorgeous pore!
Claudia still loves to travel, and continues to explore the world whenever she has a chance. Keeping fit is also very important to her.  Well bred, Claudia enjoys luxury, however she’s just as comfortable casual – in a bikini on your yacht ; )  Just kidding; while she does appreciate a first class environment. a gym visit, sightseeing day or romantic picnic will delight her just as much as 
The company of this sweet and considerate young lady is intoxicating, and wonderful conversations full of smiles, laughter and twinkling eyes can be enjoyed. Always hopeful and cheerful, with a pragmatic outlook, Heléna cares about people and animals. She’s a rather empathetic soul, and brings a fun yet relaxed energy into your world, to calm and revive you at the same time!
Claudia enjoys keeping fit as mentioned, and has great enthusiasm for life. She enjoys Mediterranean and light, clean cuisines, and appreciates fine quality. Active outdoors, and with a deep love of fashion, this beautiful Marbella based VIP escort with the ethereal eyes will mesmerize and bewitch you.
Loving her modeling and acting career, traveling is one of her greatest passions. While she has asked us to keep many aspects of her identity and nature private (she prefers to share with you in person), expect your time with Claudia to be absolutely captivating and unforgettable.