21 y.o.
170 cm
50 kg

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Anna's note:

The first time I saw Hanna in-person she was adorably lost. I saw her whizz past our meeting spot in a lovely black summer dress, only for her to realize that she was going the wrong way. By the time she had turned around and entered the hotel bar, I was sure we had a new Anna Claire's model on our side.

Once we were introduced and comfortable, I explained that the main purpose of our meeting was to get to know her well, and to get a feel for who she really is. Hanna was excited at the opportunity to introduce herself, and the sound of her lovely voice filled the spaces between us, like poetry. Hanna is very talkative!

I learned that Hanna is an open-minded and very experimental person. Keen on living a healthy and active lifestyle, she is indeed a vegan who is interested in all kinds of mental activities like meditation, personal growth, and holistic healing, to name a few. She’s currently a university student, which she loves, and even sees herself studying up until her 30’s. She’s on her own exciting journey to better herself and reach her full potential.

When I asked Lea about her private preferences, she answered cheekily, “diversity is the spice of life.” She has a gift of being able to adapt and ‘become one’ with all kinds of gentlemen from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

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