What’s happened to SG Wolf? Sgwolf site - are there alternatives?

Sg wolf, sgwolf.com
SG Wolf is a popular cheap escorts website in Singapore. It was closed a couple of years ago. Now we share some ideas on what alternatives to SGWolf you may find.

​Singapore is known as a rapidly developing country with one of the biggest ports in the world. The country is an exporter of electronics and other goods that help its economy flourish. However, the overall positive image of the country is somehow spoiled by the websites operating on its territory, particularly escorts services websites. The locals and those traveling to the country on business or vacation probably know about one of the most popular cheap escort websites called SGWolf. It has been operating in Singapore for several years, attracting men by beautiful Chinese ladies whose profiles were available through the service.

What Should You Know About SGWolf?

A couple of years ago, SGWolf, also known as SGWolfs, was shut by the Singaporean police. The reason for busting the service was its illegal activity promoting sexual services within their country and China. This process took the Ministry of Public Security and the local police 32 days to finish. Within this time, numerous searches have taken place, which resulted in arrests of almost 180 women involved in providing sex services for money. The managers of the SG Wolf website turned out to be citizens of China. The two of them were arrested soon after SGWolfs was banned; both organizers of the illicit business associated with SGWolf service were female. They were charged with soliciting prostitution over the Internet and numerous other crimes they have done while operating the website sgwolf.com.

Why the Name of SGWolf Is Still on?

Currently, SG Wolf doesn’t work, but its past glory still attracts men coming to Singapore. Those who don’t know the story behind SGWolfs activity are regularly looking for the website on Google. Some are also surfing SG Wolf video materials online. Therefore, the query “SGWolf” is rather popular, and where there is demand, there is supply. Scammers couldn’t miss a chance to gain some money from men looking for a female company. They started creating clone websites, which look like SGWolf so that no one notices a substitution. The hazards of using such cheap escort services are numerous. We’ll name only some of them. - You supply money to scammers, which means you are not likely to receive the service you’ve paid for. - Those who are lucky to get on a date will probably get disappointed with the quality of escorts. Paying cheaply, you can’t hope for dating elite escort ladies. - Coercion of women involved in escorts is another problem typical of this type of website. If such things are unacceptable for you, then such services should also be excluded. - Scammer services like SG Wolf 888 are often associated with the exploitation of women who got in difficult life circumstances. It’s a crime, and you shouldn’t use such services if you don’t want to be part of it. - Some drug dealers use cheap escort services websites to distribute illegal narcotics. Once you become a client of such a service, you put yourself at risk of getting involved in drug sales. - Cheap escorts lack knowledge of etiquette, so they are not the best choice for a gentleman who needs an escort for a social event or business meeting. - The level of education of escorts presented on SG Wolf scammer services is usually low. The ladies working with the websites like this may not know English, despite it being one of the state languages in Singapore. So if you are a foreigner who doesn’t know Mandarin Chinese, you won’t even be able to talk with the escort lady. - Little attention is paid to the health of women working in cheap escorts. They might be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. - Entering scammer websites, you risk catching a virus on your computer, which might influence some sensitive data stored there. - SG Wolf video materials shared on the website are published there without women’s consent. All these and many more threats accompany your every visit to the websites like SG Wolf 888.

Are There Any Alternatives to SGWolf?

​Asking you to avoid using SGWolfs clone websites, we aim not to deprive you of the female company when in Singapore. We just want to protect you from doing things that might result in some big and small problems. By the way, we have some alternatives for you to choose from.

Finding Legal Escort Lady in Geylang

​Geylang is a popular tourist spot in Singapore. It is a city area with a long and interesting history, which is now considered a red light district in Singapore. What’s the difference between escorts on SGWolf and ladies working on Geylang, would you ask? The latter work legally, which means you and the ladies are protected by Singaporean laws. Such things matter, especially for a foreigner looking for a female escort. The price policy of the shops working in Geylang varies. Still, most of them are affordable for any pocket. ​If you are not interested in dating a woman for money, you can meet a regular girl to date. It’s not a problem for anyone spending their time in Geylang as this area is known for its active day and nightlife. So whatever bar, nightclub or restaurant you choose to visit, you will surely meet many beautiful women there.

Elite Escorts Services in Singapore

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