Exotic massage

Exotic massage

Elite escort is not just a service, but also a kind of art. You need to have a range of skills and knowledge to successfully cope with the responsibilities that this concept includes. And it's not just about looking beautiful and making an attractive match for a man that could improve his image and strengthen his position in certain circles. This is a complex profession that requires elite escorts ladies to be versatile, flexible and self-taught. Their role does not end with the classic accompaniment of a partner.

Girls should develop in different areas, go in for sports to maintain the health and beauty of the body, get involved in hobbies, study, be well-read and erudite, be able to dance, have a pleasant voice and diction, and also master exotic massage techniques - one of the blessings of this world, accessible to every man.

The business world of a man is associated with constant stress, tension, nerves and worries. They have to do a hundred things every day and communicate with a huge number of people. By the end of the working week, their physical and emotional resources are practically at the level of zero. Luxury escorts service and talented escortress who are trained in special massage techniques will help restore, reboot and relax as much as possible. In a busy lifestyle, this way of relaxation is very popular. And it is much more pleasant if exotic massage is performed by a girl who combines a beautiful model, a pleasant companion and an understanding, caring companion.

Exotic massage or erotic massage?

There are a lot of types of massage nowadays. Some of them have the original name, others are named after the country from which they originate, and there are also similar types of services. It will not be difficult for an inexperienced person to drown in this sea of pleasures. Even many professional massage therapists often do not know what a particular type of massage is, which they have not yet learned until they are given lessons and shown all its techniques.

For example, people often confuse exotic massage and erotic massage. The names are really similar, but the essence is completely different. In order not to get into an awkward situation, choosing the type of service in the spa or ordering it through the elite escorts service, it is worth understanding the concept of each. So, you can decide what type of relaxation is right for you.

Exotic massage and its features

The first thing to understand is that exotic and erotic types of spa services are complete opposites. Probably, the only similarity between them is that both of them are aimed at getting pleasure by the client. The second feature of it lies in the unique execution technology. The essence of exotic massage is to search for special points on the human body, the so-called exotic areas that are exotic in different cultures and nationalities, for example, in Hawaii, Cuba, China, India or Japan. After these zones are discovered, the massage therapist applies special massage practices, each of which is aimed at one or another result: relaxation, increasing the energy field, relieving tension and eliminating stress.

If you turn to luxury escorts models for such relaxation, you can spend an unforgettable time not only with a master of her craft, but also with an intelligent and charming companion.

Erotic massage and its differences

The second name is sensual massage. It is based on the fact that the masseuse works with the erogenous points of the client's body. A qualitative result is considered to be an increase in the excitation of a man, which is brought to its end. This technique is used for sexual release. Interestingly, many of the sensual techniques are used for medical purposes, for example, to increase potency.

These are the main differences between exotic massage and erotic relaxation. Now you can draw conclusions and understand which of them will help you relax. If this is the first option, then go ahead and invite escort ladies on a date to have one of the best days of your life and finish off with one of the best full body relaxation practices known today.

Stone therapy or hot stone massage originated in Japan

This is one of the most tactilely pleasing techniques. It first appeared in Japan, and people there know exactly how to give the body not only pleasant sensations, but also benefits. Stones are used here not just because they are beautiful and original. They perform an important task: they relieve tension and fatigue, help improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, improve the functioning of the circulatory system and normalize blood pressure. You can use the service through a high-quality elite escorts service.

Benefits of Thai massage

Equipment brought to us from hot Thailand. This is a truly healing procedure, with the help of which a person can feel better physically and mentally. Tension disappears, thoughts are cleared of negativity, the body becomes light and relaxed.

This exotic massage consists of gentle pressure on different points on the body. The result should be a balancing of the energy of the body. The process uses a combination of tension and pressure. With the help of the procedure, you can improve coordination of movements, increase flexibility, minimize the appearance of depression and stress.

Qigong massage and its essence

To assure a relaxation of the highest standard, we recommend to try a massage technique called Qigong. It comes from the East. It is known that Eastern people have unique healing and relaxation techniques. This type of relaxation is also aimed at restoring the human energy field and after that - at improving physical health.

This is a physiological technique, the peculiarity of which is to conduct, starting from the center and moving towards the periphery. It contains elements of acupressure.

Lomi-lomi technique and its advantages

Hawaiian exotic massage performed by the elite escorts ladies is the dream of any man. It belongs to the sacred techniques of the island and is based on the use of essential oils that are beneficial for the spiritual and physical side of life. It is carried out by strong kneading of the muscles in order to affect their deep layers, acting on the subcutaneous layer of fat and splitting it. Massage helps not only to relax and get rid of worries, but also to form a beautiful figure silhouette. There is a kind of lymphatic drainage, with the help of which it is possible to activate the movement of the lymph and circulatory system.

It is carried out on all parts of the body. The girl uses not only her palms heated with oils, but also her forearms, fingertips, elbows, and eventually even her lips. Gentle touches from the lips are quoted at a high level, and men simply melt away from them.

Aromatherapy massage

If you are a fan of essential oils, you can use the luxury escorts service to order an attractive escortress for mutual leisure with an exotic aromatherapy massage. The girl will pick up such aromas that the client likes. With their help, it is possible to relieve tension, restore energy resources, eliminate stress and anxiety.

Balinese massage and its features

The masseuse's palms and essential oils are used in the process. The technique came to us from Bali and is based on a combination of point impact on the body with deep muscle kneading.

SPA services from an elite escort agency

Exotic massage and other types of spa treatments will be a pleasant end to a meeting with an elite escortress.

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