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Once in the most romantic corner of the planet, do not waste time for a minute and have fun to the fullest.Visit the tranquil expanses of Provence and enjoy all its charms. It is famous not only for perfume shops and cozy architectural style, but also for the famous lavender fields that make you dizzy. These places beckon with their charm, disposing to relaxation.

And in general, according to many, France is a huge city with magnificent castles and ancient palaces. But this is a profound error. After all, there is still a great number of settlements and farm villages where people travel in an endless stream for the sake of an alternative holiday away from the city bustle and endless annoying noise. Decide for yourself what you prefer. As well as an active form of recreation or passive.

In the first case, we recommend cycling and tracking, for example. A large number of routes are stretched across the country. And many of them pass through the historical and wine regions. An excursion by bicycle or a tour made on foot through the wine cellars of Bordeaux will be interesting. The regional park of the Auvergne volcanoes can also attract your attention. This type of leisure will also appeal to lovers of ascents and obstacle tracks.

In the second case, look at the Cote d'Azur. Soaking up on the beach would be an excellent idea. Who does not want to catch the playful sun's rays on themselves. Your couple will certainly catch admiring glances on themselves. And you do not want to leave this paradise and stop only a fascinating acquaintance that has begun. And the sun, mild Mediterranean climate, the charm of mountain and sea landscapes will really contribute to all this.

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